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Devotional Anarchy with Isha Vela

Feb 20, 2023

This episode on trauma triggers and lack of safety, both in relationships and in coaching containers, is looong overdue!

Often, when we hear someone feels unsafe, it comes out as an accusation ("I feel triggered, it's your fault, and you need to fix it so I'm no longer uncomfortable.")

But nervous system activations...

Feb 5, 2023

It’s the first time a man has come on the Devotional Anarchy podcast, and I’m so glad Max received the honor of being my first.

Maximillian Webster (AKA Diva Dom Daddy) is a rebellious visionary and mystical branding wizard who specializes in mentoring women through overcoming their inner self-imposed limitations...

Feb 1, 2023

It's a new season and a new rebrand! Sometimes it can be hard to let parts of yourself go as you evolve and change, and this episode is about exactly that: embracing evolution in your identity as a leader and how internal change affects how you show up in your personal and professional relationships. 


In this...