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Devotional Anarchy with Isha Vela

Mar 28, 2021

In this episode of the podcast, I sit with Dr. Amanda Kemp, one of my mentors and the founder of Racial Justice from the HEART. She is a racial justice and mindfulness mentor who helps leaders be effective and have a strong voice for racial justice and equity. In this episode she shares how self-compassion was a game changer for her work in racial justice and shares the 5 steps to having transformative conversations about race.

Dr. Kemp completed undergraduate studies at Stanford University and earned a PhD from Northwestern University. She is the author of Say the Wrong Thing: Stories and Strategies for Racial Justice and Authentic Community and the Amazon best-seller Stop Being Afraid: 5 Steps to Transform your conversations about Racism.

Recording of Black Girl Magic: Poems, Meditations and Spells for Self-Care and Liberation. 
Link to Dr. Kemp's TEDx Talk:

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