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Devotional Anarchy with Isha Vela

Jul 13, 2022

There's a feeling that you don't want to feel and that you go to great lengths to avoid.
Getting close to it can cause anxiety and even panic attacks. 
We learn it in our homes through the norms passed down through our ancestry. 
We learn it in our communities and through the collective consciousness of how to be and how not to be. 
It shows up in how we relate to aspects of ourselves, how we treat our partners, how we parent, how we share our gifts, and even how we engage in political discourse.
It's shame.
Though not inherently harmful, shame is most often used as a means to control expression and specific behaviors.
It can keep us silent about things that matter, squandering our delicious gifts instead of sharing them with the world.

In this episode, I sat down with Dr. Lee Cordell, a pleasure-focused, trauma-informed coach and mentor for those looking to take back command over their brain, bodies, and bank accounts. She is the founder of the Institute of Trauma and Psychological Safety and uses her 13 years of clinical experience to help entrepreneurs develop shame-free inner spaces so that they can create healthier personal and professional relationships.

She goes into personal details about how shame shows up in 

  • Business
  • Sexuality
  • Parenting
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Politics

and describes her process for creating embodied safety and trust.

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Becoming Trauma Informed: Creating Safe(r), Shame-Free Spaces


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